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Другие названия: Lalsat, Lalsat Service
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Страна: Украина
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Телефоны: (057)-728-10-67
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Описание деятельности:  Мошенническая деятельность по трудоустройству в ОАЭ на территории Украины, России и других стран СНГ.

Никнейм: Наталья Прокофиева (был(а) только на собеседовании, но впечатление осталось)
Дата собеседования: Октябрь 2011
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Положительные стороны

Сама по себе компания Emirates ипозводит поожительное впечатление, но ее нелегальный партнер заставляется задуматься.

Отрицательные стороны

I have been through this story since 2011 when one of my friends tried to find job at Emirates Airlines and applied for opened vacancy at Lalsat International website: www.lalsatint.com - international recruitment agency.
Many qualified job seekers in former CIS space are looking for an international career opportunities and that is how hard it is to find one in a legal way.
It has been found strange that there is no any office Lalsat have in any of the locations they operate and the first question was asked: Do you have licence for employment of Russian citizens abroad? No feedback followed for the question and it was hardly possible to reach agency on the mobile number mentioned on the website and no clear answers were given.
Request has been sent to Federal Immigration authority to find out if
Lalsat is operating legally in Russia? The answer was that there is no any information about such company operating in the country. She asked authority to look at this matter, take measures and afterwards the interview has been cancelled in Russia.
Anyone looking for a job outside the home country is very concerned about safety and legality of the process, especially when it comes to a Muslim countries such as UAE.
Going further, it has appeared on the Emirates careers website that the interview in going to take place in Kiev (Ukraine) with the same support of Lalsat. It is not a big distance and my friend decided to travel for interview in Kiev. Let's give it a try…
Immigration laws in Ukraine are even more strict than in Russia, however information is open online and it is possible to get the list of all licensed agencies who are legally recruiting in the local market. Ministry of Labor and Social Politics is overseeing international recruitment in Ukraine. Latest update for licensed agents was published in February 2012 here on Ministry offcial website (latest one is on top): http://www.mlsp.gov.ua/control/uk/publish/category?cat_id=35699 - Lalsat has not been listed there as of February 2012 whereas the interview is scheduled in March which is illegal without license.
The question of how legal the employment was a priority number one and looking furhter, my friend has found out there is a company registered in Kharkov (Ukraine) in September 2011 under the name of Lalsat International Ukraine however it has no legal righ to make international recruitment as it does not have office and license. Either in Ukraine or Russia it is impossible to get license without office – this is one on the most crusial license requirements. It has come as a big surprise how Emirates Airlines are engaged in such doubtful business and they seemed to have no idea of who they are dealing with as the Emirates staff responeded by e-mail ensuring Lalsat legal status is sound. However it has officially been confirmed by authorities that they have no license for business they run neither in Ukraine nor in Russia.
This situation has puzzled my friend and the dream of finding legal perspective job overseas seemed to be faring away.
Searching on Internet it has been found out that Lalsat has previously been operating in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) before their office has been closed by local authority and cheif accountant has been prisoned, GM Larisa left for UAE. The owner\partner of business Shaun Monahgan has run away with the breach of stay stamp in passport. Now the new director of Lalsat International Ukraine Viktoria Borisova and Shaun Manahgan are put on wanted list in Ukraine for illegal international recruitment activities.
It feels like these guys are used to work not in line with the law. The question stays open, why Emirates are doing illegal business with them? It sad that one can not easily find a way to safely apply for an intersting job overseas. Let's encourage employers to carefully observe the recruitment process to follw and respect the laws of the foreign countries where they recruit.

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