Другие названия:: CHT
Сфера деятельности:  Услуги: IT: консалтинг, разработка, внедрение, хостинг и пр.

Страна: Украина
Регионы работы: Киев
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Описание деятельности:  Consumer Health Technologies, Inc. ("CHT") is a Florida-based software company that has quickly become the market leader in innovation and award winning solutions with its product, BenefitSpanTM serving the US healthcare and benefits marketplace. BenefitSpanTM, is an enterprise software platform for service aggregation, administration and delivery of Consumer Directed Healthcare (CDHC) benefits. CDHC is a relatively new medical benefit industry in the US that addresses rising health care costs by helping consumers to manage their healthcare expenses. CHT established its software development operation in Ukraine in 2006. Since then the company has doubled its staff and continues its rapid growth, despite the economic slowdown in the US and Ukraine. Despite the slow motion of the IT market, CHT remains a stable employer, sustaining competitive salaries and benefits for its employees. The growing popularity and relevance of the company's product enhance its promising future both in the USA and Ukraine.

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2012-05-19 02:40 Никнейм: Аноним, г. Киев
сотрудничал с ними, очень хорошие люди там работают
посылают в командировки во Флориду