Отзыв о компании CYBERVISION
Добавлен: 19:12 20.11.2008
Сфера деятельности:  Услуги
Сайт:  cybervisiontech.com
Страна: Украина
Регионы работы: Киев
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Всего отзывов: 3
Описание деятельности:  Since 1992 CyberVision has been a trusted provider of technology-driven custom software solutions. Companies from various industries have relied on our ability to take a concept or idea through the complete lifecycle of a project - from organizational prerequisites and system design to deployment and maintenance. Over the years we have refined our unique offshore-based "Delivery-Vision" methodology which guarantees clients accurate and cost-effective results. CyberVision was one of the first American companies to launch software development facilities in the former Soviet Union. Our long-established relationships with the best technical colleges and universities in Russia and Ukraine allow us to recruit the top 5% of graduates. Our personnel selection process combined with a network of company operated training centres, allows us to quickly staff-up for complex and challenging projects. CyberVision is able solve any technological challenge at an affordable cost by combining our experience, "cream-of-the-crop" personnel, and the cost efficient "Delivery-Vision" methodology.

Никнейм: Аноним (работал(-а) в компании и знает её изнутри)
Дата начала работы: Ноябрь 2008
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Количество просмотров: 85

Отзыв о компании

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